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http://www.dryiceinfo.com Thumb
dry ice Info .com Dry Ice Information for dry ice
Instructions on use and safe handling of dry ice, and lists of manufacturers and sellers....  Read more & Rate
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http://www.howstuffworks.com Thumb
Howstuffworks "How does dry ice work?"
I saw your question on fog machines and dry ice and would like to know more -- how exactly does dry ... Dry Ice Safety If you ever have a chance to handle dry ice, you want to be sure to wear heavy...  Read more & Rate
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http://www.dryicehockey.com Thumb
Dry Ice Hockey Arena
An indoor roller hockey facility, with 180' by 80' rink, 4 locker rooms, pro shop, and sportcourt floor....  Read more & Rate
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http://www.west.net Thumb
Dry Ice Experiments
EXPERIMENTS WITH DRY ICE SAFETY NOTE: NEVER PLACE dry ice into a closed container such as a soda bottle. The bottle can explode with a loud bang, damaging your eardrums....  Read more & Rate
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